Saturday, March 31, 2007

Jaci Burton's Wild, Wicked and Wanton :)

After much hostage negotiation, wherein I promised to show my ARC if she showed me hers, I nabbed an ARC of Wild Wicked and Wanton by Ms. Burton.

Yay me!

I don't often blog about anyones books because I don't get the chance to read as much as I'd like anymore with two teenage sons, a house the size of an amusement park, and a writing gig that's sucking up my eyeball's. LOL. However, when I saw Jaci was having an ARC contest I was all put out. I checked my e-mail and I checked it again...

Surely she'd just made a minor faux pas by not sending me the ARC, yes? I mean, how could she forget ME???

Well, she did. Forget me, that is. Like I never even existed... Nice, huh? LOLLOL

Anyhoodles, let me preface this by saying I told Jaci if I didn't like it I wouldn't blog about it, but I'd tell her privately.

Kudos to Jaci for telling me she could take it if I didn't like it and to blog anyway. I'd have done the same. In fact, when she reads my ARC, she can do the same.

So--my review.

Jesus effin'--this was REALLY hot. I mean like the kinda hot I was grateful to have a man for hot. Asbestos glove hot, even.

It's three naughty, fun stories about a bet between three girlfriends, in one big ol' package of well--naughty. My favorite was Blair's story. Her hero Rand was smokin'-licious. I had shivers a couple of times :) And that's all I'm tellin' ya. The rest you'll have to find out for yourself when you go BUY A COPY. It's available in May from Berkley.

Now, as an aside--I asked Jaci if my mother (71 year old erotic book reading 'ho) could read it too. The standard practice for my mom is this--if she reads a book from one of my friends, she dictates an e-mail to me for the author. Mom isn't terribly Internet savvy, though she'll read an e-book if we print it out. She sucks at e-mail and hates everything about it. However, she's done this with Kate Douglas and Angela Knight and several others on numerous occasions after sweating her Depends off upstairs in her room. Tee hee-I'm kidding, she doesn't wear Depends.

Jaci said sure and mom read it too. She'd already read Surviving Demon Island and loved it. Jaci was worried my mom might not take well to the erotic nature of ze book.

Silly, silly, silly. I had to explain that mom's an erotic book slut. She loves 'em all and doesn't bat an eyeball at the naughty words.

Mom's verdict?

She lurved it too and now has added Jaci to her auto-buy or auto-beg as I call it, because she begs me to let her see any ARC's I happen to come across. She always buys the book when it officially comes out, cuz she's just loyal like that. She even has a a list on a calendar so she won't forget.

Ahhhh, if only they could clone my mother, eh?

Anyway--go buy this book when it comes out next month. It was fun, fresh, and naughty, naughty, naughty. Weeeeeeeeeeee doggie!

DC :)


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