Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dear youth of America,


Yes, he's cute in a fourteen year old kinda way. Yes, he's so sweet he's like Gummi bears stuck to your fillings. Yes, he reminds me of Mr. I've never felt the scalpel of a surgeon Jackson--and that's all well and good. I'm sure that's part of his appeal.


The boy can't sang! Not well enough to keep up with the other people. Stop dialing with your hormones front and center, eh? Y'all are delusional if you think he stands a chance of winning against Melinda or Lakisha. personally, I think everyone should just GO HOME and let them duke it out.

So scurry on off to bed now. Stop playing with the phone, running up mom and dads phone bill and whatever you do--don't make Auntie Kota come and get you, cuz I'm tired, okay?

If I get up tomorrow and gear up to watch Idol, only to find you little heathens have voted for him again--there'll be hell to pay!

Don't make me ground you until Idol is over. LOLLOLLOLLOL


  • At 7:30 PM, Blogger Erin the Innocent said…


  • At 7:40 PM, Blogger Bonita said…

    So true, so true.

  • At 2:31 PM, Anonymous Renee said…

    I cannot believe we actually agree, for once! Oy! :)

  • At 2:24 PM, Blogger kinky courtesan said…

    do i constitute the youth of america... because if so i take offense to that!!!! i don't even watch the bloody show..... pfft...... so dakota..... i'm thinking about buying another book.... what do you recommend (of yours silly)?

  • At 6:47 AM, Anonymous Paula said…

    seeing that little twit every week when other people are being sent home is making me crazy!

    I really liked Chris S, but he said he was happy to be going home. He said that his indie-alternative style would have suffered under their "grooming".

    I also do not "get" Chris Richardson. He is a weak singer, IMHO, and a Justin T wannabe.

    Bring on the women!

  • At 8:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I believe that "Sanjay" is artisian for "Sissy Girl".

    ~R - The Champ

  • At 12:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Kinky, if you're youth of American then you're not old enough to buy Kota's books.

    I recommend Winnie the Pooh.

    being all anonymous cos I forgot my blogger password

  • At 12:32 AM, Blogger Dakota Cassidy said…

    LOLLOL, Jaynie--Kink is like 20, I think now. Just BARELY old enough--and Kink? I dunno, darlin'. You said you don't like werewolves, right?

    Try The Ex-Files--that's contemp--or Sexylips66 :)

    DC :)

  • At 2:00 AM, Blogger kinky courtesan said…

    hey now.... i am 20 (thats still youthful... you didn't specify how youthful).... and i have vast knowledge in all that is naughty! come on i had three older sisters..... i've heard it all.... i was the good one.... haha..... anyhoodles.... i gave in and had to try out the werewolves thing.... so i bought some.... and i have to say i don't like the aww look my fuzzy dog part.... but they are ok.... i think its funny that i can turn my sims into werewolves.... maybe i will reinact one of the books with my sims... HAH!
    P.S. I never liked winnie the pooh.... who has a pooh other than the ones in the toilet???


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