Friday, February 16, 2007

Barry-A Brady and Booku Bucks

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE doggie! I'm home from Vegas and I had the most fabulous time. I ate like a hog at buffets, gambled and won 400 bucks, had a couple of surreal experiences and lived to tell the tale.

First and most importantly--BARRY! Dudes, all I gotta say is this--er, yeah, that's moi hysterical over the man's very presence. I sobbed like a baby. I mean from the second the man came out on stage until well after he was gone. I was SPENT when all was said and done. He sang like the bird he is and the pics above are me utterly pathetic. I bought a Barry cutout to sit on my desk as pictured above--a Barry mousepad, because I write the books that make like 12 people shawiiing. LOL. A hat and a couple of Barry buttons. One I managed to nab from one of the hotel employees. Snerk.

Needless to say, he rocked. Even R, who isn't a Fanilow like me said it was fantastic. So anyhoodles, after the concert where they blow streamers from everywhere, R says--isn't that Florence Henderson? So I skulk behind her and sure enough--it was indeed and guess where she was going? Somewhere I wasn't. LOLLOL. Backstage to meet Barry. What-ever. I wasn't picked to be the chick who dances with him because some snotty wench who sat on the stage was chosen. Had I known you could sit on the stage--I'da been all over it like fried on chicken. But when I got second row, the end of the aisle, I thought that would be enough.

Clearly NOT. However, there was a moment when our eyes met and I just KNOW he felt my love. LOLLOL. So if you're in Vegas and you can catch the show--DO IT.

Next we saw the Legends in concert and I hafta say--the dude who did Elvis rocked. He was really incredible and Marilyn Monroe was a HOOT.

Our last night we saw Zumanity--the naughty, bawdy, raunchy version of Cirque. it was fantastic. R was a little freaked because they do tons of audience interaction and it's pretty risque. Plus the boobies to be had were aplenty and sometimes in your face--literally. Poor R's hands sweat the ENTIRE TIME. lollol. However, the acrobats were amazing and all I know is I held my breath because when that one little person came flying out into the audience on a scarf, I worried for his life. LOL.

We also saw a TON of casinos with R's friend Jim who lives in Vegas. Just call him Jackpot, cuz I swear, the moment the man walks into a casino those machines start to to ring-a-ling-a-ling. All he has to do is breathe in ANY casino and he's walking away with like at minimum 800 bucks. In fact, his holding my hand while I played a slot machine was how I won. Jim is a resident of LV so he knows all the hot spots, has a fav slot machine in every joint and overall is a total HOOT. The man is 68, but runs like the winds of a 28 year old. I think he has more energy than TWO twelve year olds.

Had a surreal moment at the Hard Rock Casino where I met a man who's from my son's planet. I know he is because he speaks his language--when he tried to pick me up he said, "Yo, Yo, Yo, baby--whassup?" LOLLOLLOLLOL. I said, "OMG--you come from my son's planet. I speak your language." By that time Jim was on his feet and chasing him away--damn, another missed op to boff a teenybopper. LOL

Also, a big "good boyfriend" can't go unmentioned because R was some kinda champ. He trotted place-to-place with me for many, many hours just to make me happy.

All in all, I totally want to do it again. I had the best time like in a long time--even if I walked 500 miles and then some.

And NEXT time--trust me when I tell you--I'm sitting on the Barry stage in the magic seat if I gotta kick some Fanilow butt to do it. LMAO. I'm kidding.

Kinda :)

DC :)


  • At 10:24 PM, Blogger Terri said…

    Sounds like you had an awesome time !! We took my Mom a few years ago, but I lost as I always do in any casino.


  • At 12:16 AM, Blogger Erin the Innocent said…

    You weren't even kinda kidding. The other fannilows better beware LOL

    I'm glad you had a good time Dakota :)

  • At 2:59 AM, Anonymous Paula said…

    Welcome home! Glad you had a great time. Maybe I will get out there before Barry retires.....

  • At 5:39 AM, Blogger Bonita said…

    So delighted that you had such a fabulous time! When are you going again?

  • At 11:35 AM, Blogger Dakota Cassidy said…

    I'd have stayed there if I could, B/C. I LOVED it :)

    Course, I don't know that my bank account would have loved it. LOLLOL

    DC :)

  • At 1:36 PM, Anonymous Robin Snodgrass said…

    Oooo, thanks for the Barry pic! And Dakota, you're not the only one who LOVES Barry! I have all of his albums (yes, in vinyl) that I cherish. If anyone tried to take them, I'd beat them with a lead pipe!
    One of these days, I hope to see him in concert too! I can bet, I'll be bawling the whole time too!
    Glad to know you had a terrific time!
    Robin S.


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