Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I think I can write this...

Wait, let me pick my jaw up off the floor.

I can't type if my tongue gets carpet burn.

So, did you watch Project Runway?

I did.

And yeah, you guessed it--Jeffrey won. I have no words other than these. Maybe they're phrases... Looked like the inside of a picnic basket.

The Liberty Bell is sooooo like 1800's or something.

I think I had a set of curtains just like that dress back in 1986. or was it napkins? I can't remember.

I am simply ASTOUNDED that this sneaky, conniving, backstabber managed to win PR. His collection was FRIGHTFUL. Not even at my skinniest/youngest would I have worn the street trash he designed. It was dreadful and those judges have been smelling the inside of someones designer underwear thinking Jeffrey should win.

In all fairness, Uli, who I waffle over a lot, had some fantabulous things as did Laura. I was a bit disappointed in Michael, but he did have some lovely things. Uli's stuff was a compilation of young, fresh, elegant and fun. She had something for EVERYONE. Laura did some of the most fab evening gowns. I think I would have worn almost all of them. Michael had one dress that was all swishy and sexy. Though admittedly, his stuff was very young--it still made me WISH I could wear it.

Jeffrey's half-baked shit? not so much.

I really thought Uli was going to snarf up the whole thing. That Jeffrey won makes me certain those judges have NO CLUE what women want to wear. This wasn't high fashion, people. it was a collection of outfits that you can get at like some ritzy designer store. Designer, yes, high fashion, no and that's what Jeffrey's crap on a stick reminded me of. Crazy shit you wouldn't wear unless you were paid top super model dollar to do it.

What pissed me off even more was that those judges seem to think we're all going to be running out to buy stuff like that. How on Earth they came to the conclusion is beyond me. I don't much like them deciding for me either. it irritated me. Snort.

I say next PR we let AMERICA vote--hell, bring in the UK too, but for God's sake, please, save us your hoity-toity bullshit talk about what's hot and what's not. We're not all 12 and getting ready to attend our first dance which was definitely where Jeffrey's collection was at. He certainly didn't have it ALL like Uli did.

Oh, and Jeffrey? Your pea heads too small for your neck. Work on that, would ya? LOLLOL

Yeah, I'm bitter.

DC :) (grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)


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