Monday, August 28, 2006

Paging Dr. McDreamy...

Watched the Emmys last night. I don't usually watch. However, for lack of anything better on, I did. I hate the cheesy jokes that usually fall flat, but I love to see who's coupled up--what they wear. The rest I could do without. LOL I say, skip the banter, gimme the goodies. We could have like 2 hours less of stupid fru-fru if we got to the heart of the matter. Plus, Barry was on in a very sweet tribute to Dick Clark.

However, I did note, fashion ogler that I am, there were really some uber-hot dresses this year. I gotta say, there were only a couple I wouldn't wear to a tag sale. Now, that said, keep in mind, this is just my personal op. You don't gotta like it. LOL

And I have one very pressing question--I think I lost sleep over it last night--who in theeeee hell was with Dr. McDreamy from Grey's? Was that his woman? I'm just going to say this to her--EAT A SAMMICH. Holy smokes, she's skinny. I had to say that, I know it sounds awful, but she needs a bucket of chicken wings-- pronto. LOLLOL

All right my fashion rundown--Cuz I'm such an authority. LMAO

Eva Longoria-o (?) --Desperate Housewives -- not sure how to spell her name-- whatever. pretty dress, very Marilyn Monroe. Didn't blow me away in it. the top of the bodice was kinda pointy. But still, attractive.

Ellen Pompea--Grey's Anatomy--OMG! Her dress was sooooooooo in her color wheel. Stunning purple. Not too bright, not too lavender-y. Wasn't crazy about the wispy, fringy stuff on top, but I can overlook that cuz she rocked the Casbah.

Tracy Gold--didn't see the entires dress, but she's clearly eating at least a carrot stick a day again. Kudos--her face was radiant.

Leah Remini--King of Queens--is baaaack and she looks great. Lost all that baby weight. Loved the dress, hated the color on her. Too dark. Just sayin'

Kim Raver--24--Hellllllllloooooooooooooooo--I know I say yellow isn't in ANYONE'S color wheel, but she looked spectacular in a soft yellow. Though she had a style that seemed to be very popular this year. The booby show-er.

Kate Walsh--McDreamy's wife on Grey's Anatomy. You know, she does look like Katherine Denueve (sp?). Fabulously statuesque, loved the style of the dress--needed more color.

Calista Flockhart--join McDreamy's woman in a sammich. In fact, hit the buffet at like Denny's. I joke, but she could just be naturally thin. It does happen. However, she's been heavier. She wore black. Okay dress--hot man on her arm. LOL

Kyra Sedgwick--Kevin Bacon's woman. Um, one of the dresses I hated the most. She looked very pale in it, wrong color and well, it looked like a prom dress that I don't even think the girls these days would wear. All those tiers and ruffles and fru-fru. Why is my question? LMAO

Virginia Madsen--somebody got a boob job and it wasn't me. Either that, or the makeup artist she used just ran outta highlighter. LOL. Plunging neckline, and believe me, if my ta-ta's looked like that, I'd leave 'em hangin' out too. LOL Hated the lacy pattern to it and the purple sash under the girls.

Jaime Pressly--My name is Earl--love this show, love her portrayal of extreme trailer park trash on too many recreational pharmaceuticals. LOLLOL. She cracks me up. Nice color, and what a hard body. Overall, nice showing.

Ali Shawcat--Darling, who are you? Tip from me to you--melon? not in your color wheel. I could only see your lips and I don't recognize them. LMAO

The chick who is forever pissed on 24--Dont' know her name. Always bent out of shape, not particularly attractive in the show, but I gotta tell ya, WOW. She had some makeover. Pale pink dress, flattering to her petite-ness and she simply glowed. Fabulous!

Felicity Huffman--Desperate Housewives--WOW. She proves that over forty is A-okay. Loved her in the dress, but it did look a lot like Kim Raver's. It was just a toasty almond versus pale yellow. Still, rock on, sistah. You got it more than goin' on.

Sandra Oh--Grey's Anantomy--Oooooh, Sandy. Sigh. Loved the color, really gotta question the ruffles on the neckline. Why, why, why??? The necklace? Tooooo much for your wee body. Otherwise, cute. Love her character on Grey's.

Lisa Rinna--Niiiice lips. DO they come with a pump? LOL. I'm kidding. Oh, and okay dress, if not typical.

Alfre Woodard--Desperate Housewives--Darling? What are you eating? You looked tres fantastique! Loved her hair, her dress, her tude. She's got such charisma.

Katherine Heigl--Grey's Anatomy--This--THIS is my pick of the night. Oh, honey, you outdid yerself! Pale, peachy, creamy, soft, long, figure hugging dress and your hair? Perfect. Upswept, but not severe and normally, I wouldn't advocate such dark eyeliner on such a pale chick, but it soooo worked. Superb. The entire package. Might even have revived poor Denny if he coulda seen it.

The men--only two made a big impression on me. Both Grey's Anatomy alumni. Dr. McDreamy--I don't care what anyone says, I thought he was hot back in that movie he did with kelly Preston way back. He can totally wear the scruffy, unshaven thing like nuthin' else. Hot, and hotter. Still, I hope he took his woman for sustenance after the big shebang. Sorry, Just can't get over how skinny she is. LOL

Isaiah Washington--OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, this man oozes hot. I love him on Grey's. Love his serious, nostril flaring, surgeon's dedication. Love his funny, quirky, romantic side. Dude can rock a tux too. I noted he was ALONE. Hmmmmm. Maybe he needs assitance?

Dakota :)


  • At 4:29 PM, Blogger Jaynie R said…

    I fell asleep in the middle of it, right before all the impt stuff.

    too damn long *sigh*

    ...and I freaken hated Mariska Hargisty's dress even though the fashion dude raved on it.

  • At 6:22 PM, Blogger Erin the Innocent said…

    You should have included pictures of these people in these dresses. I didn't watch the show. lol

  • At 5:02 PM, Blogger Shoshana said…

    I am so with you on McDreamy and Mr Washington. Man they're hot! Of course, we're not telling DH that!

  • At 3:52 AM, Anonymous Paula said…

    The men on Grey's Anatomy rock! I want to see McSexy come back for at least one more show - that man was gorgeously wicked!

    I totally agree about Patrick Dempsey and Isaiah Washington - they are both so attractive and have only gotten better as they have aged, kinda like Richard Gere. You wanna compare? Go rent American Gigolo and then one of his recent flicks. He is SO much better looking now.

    And darling, E! needs you on the runway doing the fashion bit. I think it would be HILARIOUS!!


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