Sunday, April 16, 2006

News Flash--Dateline Dakota April 16th

Snort. I figured I'd just do an all inclusive thing cuz I'm kinda wasted from my folks today. They know how to waste me like no other. Daddy popped by to wish his princess a Happy Easter. It's never terribly happy after my parents hang for more than 15 minutes, but that's another blog.

On to my whine :)

Okay, first--R has to be away for THREE weeks in MI. He's taking over for someone there while they're doing something I'm not sure of. LOL. It's what he did here in Dallas, but doesn't anymore because a mean car company that shall remain nameless sucks. However, did I say he was going to be gone for THREE weeks? THREE. Oy. He's leaving his puppies with me if all goes well when they meet my puppies. I can't stand that they'd have to be in a kennel. It would make me sad for Mike and Mindy. They're hot-dog puppies and soooo cute. He's also decided to sell his house while he's gone. It will give the agent loads of time to let folks browse house buy-us un-interupt-us, ya know?

So, because he's selling, bachelor that he is, he has like NOTHING in the way of decoration. But, he does have a girlfriend who knows how to make warm and cozy in 100 bucks or less. So, that's what we did today. We made nice. Tomorrow, we make more nice :)

Did I mention he'll be in MI for THREE weeks? Three. one-two-THREEeeeee.

K, then I had a perfectly horrible week with my oldest who put the hor in mone. I am tired. I want out. I even wrote a fake ad for him on E-Bay. Kids can be sold, you know. I'll fix his ass. I'm a writer. I'll have millions compelled to buy him ( so maybe it'll only be ten, but whatever). I'll make a profit. I'll invest it and then, I'll buy a god damned nanny for number 2 son and she can deal with his hor's that will surely moan when he hits 15. HAH!

Have I said R will be in MI for THREE weeks? Uno-dos-tres (don't know if I spelled that right)

Oh and then, I read a pissy rant from someone about trimming posts. She gets digest and it "upsets" her that they were only short responses or something. It's on a loop I don't post much to, but nontheless, it made me wanna say, "Would you shut the fuck up, you whiny, egotistical piece of shit. If it were that importan-tay, it would have said it in the subject line. You don't want to frolic with everyone else. You only want to post and when you think we're all in need of a good superior BITCH. The only time you post is when you want to 'ho yourself, complain about something that doesn't suit your princess perfect world or when you want to offer critisisms." Wah, wah, wah. However, due to incredible restraint, I refrained. I swear to God, there's always just ONE person who's so self involved they have to be the spermicide on an otherwise, potentially fantabulous procreation session. Makes me want to scream. Again I say, I refrained...

But I tell ya, some damned day, when my balls inflate to epic proportions, I'm shedding this damned beauty queens diplomatic skin of mine and lettin' er rip. I'm going to leave carnage in my wake. I mean blood and entrails hither and yon when I go. When I do go, I'm going BIG. Loud and proud.

Did I mention R's leaving for THREE weeks? Three and just before the RT convention. The poor man will get back two days before we have to leave for Daytona. But he has to work and I know that. I just want to complain about it.

Oh, and that toe I told you about. Holy Jesus did I ever have a problem. It's infected and had a fungus (bleh), so the doc said it was good I had it done because it could have eventually infected the bone. Then, I'd lose my toe. Nice, huh? I told him whack it off, I'll learn to balance. Then, for a precarious half an hour or so, I thought I might lose the nail. However, I was granted respite. Yay me and my now very ugly toe. R and I watched the whole thing. Poor R gripped my hand for all he was worth. He was very nice to me when it came to after the surgery though. Yet, my toe is very ugly, but getting better. By all that's thigh-high--I WILL wear those boots at RT. I'd better after 450 bucks for ingrown toenail surgery.

Then, my comp screen died. Fucker. Yes, I said fucker. I had this thing for a year and a flippin' half and it DIED. The stupid monitor just didn't want to play with me anymore. S'ok. I showed it what's what. I bought a new one for fricken' 345 bucks. See me stick my tongue out at it.

Then, R's been looking at houses online and stuff. He's found a few, but not a lot that makes him smile quite like the Aspen did. He's not feeling good about a pre-fab cuz he thinks they look like trailers. I like them. I think they're cute. What do I know? It isn't my money. I'm hoping another job comes through for him soon. He's still sort of doing work for his families company, but he's needing something less precarious. The downsize in house will help. I guess he could live with his mom if he had to.
In MI.
Did I say MI???
He might be gone for longer than those three weeks. LOLLOL

Have I said R's going away for THREE weeks? Yep. Next Monday. Right in the middle of everything too. I mean, 24, Medium, CSI, Without a Trace and Idol are all coming to season's end and I'll be without my television partner.

I just don't think I can go on...

Have I mentioned R's leaving for THREE weeks? It may as well be three years. Maybe this will be like detox, eh? Ya know, I'll be all cold turkey and have the shakes and stuff. I am pathetic.

I'm going to go crawl back to the pathetic cave now and count my blessings while I still have fingers to count them on. God only knows what could happen to them in light of my toe. LOLLOL

Dakota :)


  • At 1:44 AM, Blogger Jaynie R said…

    go break some shit

    I'll help.

  • At 5:55 AM, Blogger Bonita said…

    I feel your pain! Three entire, lousy weeks is a VERY looooonng time to be without "R."

    When teenage boys hit that hormonal stage -- I think it is worse than when the girls hit it. Good luck with having a huge amount of patience.

  • At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Annie Owl in GA said…

    well i would suggest a hour or two throwing ceramics and pottery, but that would be indecent for your decor. Perhaps some Primal scream therapy instead, even if it just involves screaming in your backyard? Poor Miz Rita, i do sympathise. Hopefully something will turn all these negative situations around.
    Annie Owl in GA

  • At 6:41 PM, Blogger CJBurton said…

    So I have a 3 week window to fix that tic in huh?

  • At 10:12 PM, Blogger Dakota Cassidy said…

    Jaynie? Get the waterford cyrstal, would ya? LOL

    B/C--20 days--did I say TWENTY? LOL

    Annie, m'love, maybe screaming would help. Could you do that for me, please? My vocal chords need to be in good working order for the talking I'll do at the con. LOL. Smooches, lovey :)

    CJ--hurry up, would ya? I have a three week window here and I ain't gettin' any less ticky. LOL

    DC :)


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