Friday, April 28, 2006

Jane and Jayne :)

Okay, so I googled myself today. Something I rarely, if ever do, but gave thought to after reading Karen's blog and seeing the funny stuff she came up with when she googled herself.

So, I'm skippin' the light google-tastic and I come across this article on this site devoted to (I think) e-books. Never been to the site the article was on. Anyhoodles, I find this quote from these two women, Jane and Jayne. I think how cute, cuz my next book has a Jane and through the whole daggone thing I kept spelling it two different ways. I had to globally search to correct it. Dimwit that I am.

Anyway, they were talking about their blog where they're going to do e-book reviews. They said this about me (hence why I came up in google)-- "As for Jayne and me, these are pseudonyms. We are trying to maintain some online anonymity, or else I don’t know how we can continue to review books with the title Chunkybuttfunky by Dakota Cassidy (which really strains the maxim to “not judge a book by its cover/title”)"

My first thought was--oh, would you lighten up? It was. LOLLOL. I know it's a crazy title, but it's the heroine's user-id on an online dating site and ya gotta admit, it's not exactly another My Beloved__ fill in the blank. Snort. But that's okay--everyone can have an op. It stirred up a lot of comments with the unusual title, so this wasn't ground breaking news.

Then I thought, holy hell, I've kept two people in anonymity because I've embarassed them with my title choice. Apparently, Jane and Jayne are a lawyer and a doctor respectively. Their blog is going to contain e-book reviews. I say, YAHOO e-books. The more press the better. What I didn't get was why they felt like they had to remain anonymous. I changed my name not to protect anyone. I don't care who knows what I write. My sons could careless. I changed it because my real name is on par with something like Buelah Montoya and NO ONE is going to buy a book from her. LOLLOL. I also changed it cuz it was damned fun. However, what's the big deal about reading a naughty erotic e-book if you're a doctor or a lawyer? I dunno.

I'm sure they have their reasons for not revealing their real first names. I'm good with that and I'm even okay with the mean stuff they said about my title. LOLLOL I'm hoping their reviews aren't bashers. I kinda think that's mean, but so far, the couple I've read were nice enough. You can hate a book--or even a title (I'm grudging here, ladies. LOLLOL), but I hope that that whole "let's set it on fire" theory isn't something they'll practice--again, it's okay to have an op. So if it turns out that way, then, I'm cool.

So, go take a peek at Jane and Jayne--or Dear Author at They support e-books and no matter how they feel about my title--I'm behind that 100%. Check them out for yourself and read their upcoming reviews on some of the e-books they've purchased just recently.

Dakota--of the maxim strain on one's anonymity. LOLLOL

I'm kidding :)


  • At 4:01 PM, Blogger Bonita said…

    I guess I need to change my name now, since I am not anon -- LOL

  • At 4:04 PM, Blogger Angela James said…

    They did review your book, I dont know if you saw the review. And actually, they had the site created before they reviewed it, lolol. They added that bit later. See how special you are?

    I think the site is great, myself. Their reviews are honest and well thought out, and no attacks on the authors. Not much to argue with there.

  • At 8:47 PM, Blogger Erin the Innocent said…

    I'd buy a book written by Buelah Montoya *g*

  • At 9:01 PM, Blogger Dakota Cassidy said…

    I did read the review after you mentioned it ( I mean, you made a point of telling me in private e-mail--how could I not. LOL) and I was all good with my C, thank you very much. She had a valid thought about some stuff and I gave my rebuttal (nicely, of course). If you weren't privy to the PMS series, then some things you wouldn't get unless you were a part of the e-community and yahoo groups.

    In fact, I have to wonder who suggested my book to begin with? Hmmmmm...There aren't any other CP books reviewed. Not that I saw, anyway.

    Some of the reviews cover stuff that's soooooooo tired now and I gotta wish that anyone new to e-books would just move on. Read the book, it's what will stay with you, not the cover.

    The e-book cover thing is a TIRED subject in my mind. Hardly anyone likes them and going on and on about it becomes a YAWN for me. So I skipped that part of the review. Print is print--e-book is e-book. The two can't be compared because the venue of art is much different for each. Either it's the same guy over and over with diff hair in print, or it's the Poser look so many don't like in e. If a cover is one of the only reasons you buy a book, well, then, buy the pretty ones that appeal to you. I'm okay with it. Just because the cover upsets you so (I'll never get that), doesn't mean the words beneath it will :)

    I would disagree with the bit about not attacking in some isolated (F, D reviews) cases, Angie. But then, you have a vastly diff idea of attacking than I do.You like playing devils advocate yoyrself, so that angle works for you. Me--not so much. I like laying low and I don't get much of a thrill from being in the mix.

    I think some things are just unecessary and it takes a really good pen to criticize without cruelties. However, overall, I liked most of their reviews--even the unfavorable.

    Also, the title of my book was addressed in my review--it did compell her to buy it and the claim that she couldn't recommend it to her friends BECAUSE of the title seemed just chicken to me. LOLLOL. She's not recommending anything to anyone if she's anonymous anyway. Like I said in my blog, it beats the typical stuff--I mean, it's super hard to keep track of My Beloved #12 whatever. Or the ever popular, Dearest___. Ya know? However, she'll remember mine, now won't she? LMAO

    You can also find some pretty crazy titles in print--so if straining your anonymity with MY title is what freaks ya--I say, read only the stuff that has a bland title-- in e-book or print :)

    Still, overall, they're okay chicks, Jane and Jayne :)I like 'em and I'll read some more of their reviews unless they go over the edge into the really nasty. I like how they address the review to the author. It slayed me. Very clever indeed.

    And Bonita--I like you not so anonymous :)

    Dakota :)

  • At 6:18 AM, Blogger Angela James said…

    Sugar, I didn't send it to you in private email, I posted it here. Scroll up, lol.

    I'm just tired and out of energy, otherwise I'd enter into a rousing debate with you about what constitutes an attack on an author. But instead I'll just agree to disagree about that AND saying that readers should expect ebook covers to suck. I think publishers like Samhain *grin* and at least one other I can think of (I'm not naming the competition in public,lolol) have disproven that theory. Ebook covers can be not embarrasing and to expect less is to do yourself an injustice. Could be you're writing for the wrong publisher ;)

    Oh, and on the subject of my sidebar. Your link has been gone for months. I deleted my blogroll several months ago (I decided to delete the whole thing rather than weeding out the ones I don't read anymore because last time I did that I got accused of being racist *insert eyeroll*, I figured this time I'd end up accused of being a Nazi or something), then a few weeks ago decided to do a Samhain authors blogroll. Next week it might be something different. But at least now you know how to get back up there ;)

  • At 7:59 AM, Blogger Michelle said…

    Morning Lemon Drop,

    I took a quick peek at Jane and Jayne's sight this morning. Haven't had time to poke around a lot, but I plan to do that soon.

    And Bonita, babe, I too like you not so anonymous ~smiles~

  • At 9:55 AM, Blogger Dakota Cassidy said…

    Sorry, Angie. I had two thoughts at once there. What I meant was --I had to look because you made a point of telling me when I got your comment in my e-mail. I got your comment in my e-mail before it showed up here. Because well, blogger doesn't always show me my comments on the actual blog for sometimes days. So, essentially, when I post--I have to refer to the e-mail for comments by others.

    And I didn't say readers should expect the covers to suck--I was referring to print folks reading e-books and with the duo of Jane and Jayne in mind. Ya know, what my blog was about? What I said was--I hear it all the time, this whole cover thing. Maybe I should have been clearer when I said--I hardly ever hear of anyone (readers who come to e-books from print) liking them. Especially when it comes to a print reader who's just discovered e-books. I'm sure there are print readers who like them, but you don't hear about that. I, personally, like some, and don't like others. Same with print for me. My beef is with the constant attacks on them. To always attack the covers in the reviews gets old. I see it on all sorts of blogs as of late and it's sorta beaten to death.

    And--what you like and what I like are two diff things. I like some of all sorts of companies covers. Samhain included because Scott Carpenter does some of theirs and I love his work. However, I've heard these cover bashes about ALL of the e-companies, yours included. I didn't say I expected them to be bad (personally) at all. I have input for my covers at CP. I like mine just fine. If someone else doesn't--bummer. So quit conclusion jumping when you say I'm doing myself an injustice because I'm good with mine-- and I'm right where I belong :)

    And yeah, we could debate the attack an author thing, but your definition of attack is much different than mine. There'd be no point to a debate.

    And I had NO IDEA you'd removed the links and switched to blog rolls. Fine, just fine. Be that way, Nazi. LOLLOL

    I'm kidding--you know I love you and I'm okay with not being on your blog roll--it's just that you used to have some prety cool links that other's didn't and now, I can't remember what they were. They were my bookmarks for them, so to speak.

    Dakota :)


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