Saturday, April 29, 2006

Coyote Ugly and Dogs

Couple of days ago, I had NOTHING to blog about. I had the blogging blues. Jaci had it too. Must be going around. LOL

Now, I've got a few spinning and that happened in my bout of insomnia just last night. Who knew so many crazy things were on? I channel surfed and I found myself sickly compelled to stick with a reality show called, Coyote Ugly... It's on CMT.

Vixen bartender-ette's all vying to win 25 grand in this bartender competition. The woman who owns this actual bar called Coyote Ugly, is the judge of this contest. Now I'm going to assume it's based on the movie Coyote Ugly and to be a coyote, one must be a sex kitten with a bottle of Jack Daniels and a pair of hip huggers.

On the rocks, please. LMAO

I was literally astounded at these women being critiqued for not only their looks, but their dancing skills. Helllllloooo this isn't "Making The Band" with amaretto liqeuer laced kick ball chains. It's fricken' servin' drinks to men who are gonna leer down your shirt. If you have to have the moves of J-Lo while you watch the froth on a beer--I say, call it a day. However, I hear bartenders make some cold, hard cash--so this could be the dream of a lifetime.

Then, I moved onto Dog--The Bounty Hunter. Is it me, or does he look like a WWF wrestler? LMAO. Man, could I sit and snark on this guy for a coons age. Though, his efforts in catching bail jumpers is duly noted and admired--he still need a haircut. His wife had me rolling around on the floor with her very big blonde hair, big boobs and loooong nails. I like them as a couple and I think HW is a safer place because of them. I think...

Then I watched Oh, Baby something, something I can't remember on A & E. LOLLOL. It's about this couple who boink (I think it wasn't meant to be long term) and end up having a baby. Sadly, it was like watching kids having kids. This poor baby needed to go to the parent dept of it's local Toys R Us and demand a refund-- IN FULL.

And OMG--the Lifetime movies are like reading subscrition romance novels. I was immediately sucked into "To Walk Again" and something with a devil in it. I can't remember the names because they blend, ya know?

Then, I caught some of Judge Alex--who are all of these judges anyway? Judy, Rowena, Alex, Marshall? Nontheless, Alex is a hottie--so I just watched for the eyeball candy. He was kinda cute and not too off the wall.

Cheaters--wow! Who knew there was a show where you could catch your cheating spouse and get some therapy all in the same day on a sidewalk no less? Had I only known, I could have been an entire series of stories for this clan of infidel spotters. LOLLOL

As I began to wax and wane, I caught the last bit of this juicer/blender/slicer thing and I can tell you, that late at night (4:30) you can find a million reasons to justify buying one. The guy who does the info-mercial had me glued to his schtick. Had I not been feeling too lazy to get my ass outta bed and grab the CC--I'd have one today, fer sure.

So, next week, I fully intend to stop whatever I'm doing and catch the stunning conclusion to Coyote Ugly.


Dakota :)


  • At 11:54 AM, Blogger Bonita said…

    Television can have a weird selection of showing for viewing, aye? Many shows that my husband and son watch absolutely baffle me! LOLLOLLOL

  • At 3:45 PM, Blogger Michelle said…

    hey carrot stick,

    whats up with the insomnia? did you try a glass of warm milk?

    about coyote ugly - you do know the woman who owns the actual bar called coyote ugly has more than one, right? also the movie came after the real bar and the dancing is a trade mark of the bar.

    sooooo...for these coyote wannabe's the ability to dance is oh so important. actually i think it's more important than knowing the difference between jack and gin ~smiles~

  • At 10:31 PM, Blogger Michelle B said…

    Ah, yes. I am well versed on the late night TV offerings. I am a total night owl (sometimes up til the sun rises lol) and almost always have the TV on. I tend to flip channels a lot too, though I generally avoid reality tv. I did catch a few episodes of Cheaters a while back though before I found better stuff to watch. They can get seriously nuts, those people!

    I will admit that I did get a bit into watching Cheerleader Nation on Lifetime (as a result of bored channel hopping). I'm not really sure why...

    My favorite channel hopping discovery was Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel. I love that show!

    Hope you're able to sleep better tonight!


  • At 11:09 PM, Blogger Maura said…

    LOL - I don't get much TV viewing - I'm much more guilty of laptop surfing, writing code at all hours and blog surfing when I've got insomnia.

    Really really bouts of protracted insomnia usually means poetry - which I don't generally publish or try to sell 'cause I totally cannot figure out just how badly it sucks. Only the hallucinations of long lack of sleep could make me think I can write any kind of poetry.

    But I have discovered that - even with satellite tv and lots of channels - there's often still NOTHING on. I don't want to think of how many times I've resorted to a DVD and and -- shhhhhhh - mostly often it's My Fair Lady.


  • At 10:55 PM, Blogger Jaynie R said…

    Damn - you have some weird ass shit on your tv.

    We get that Cheaters on cable over here, cracks me up.


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