Thursday, March 23, 2006

Somewhere down the road

The Copa--Copa Cabana calls to me. Know where it calls from? Flippin' Vegas and there will be no Weekend In New England for me, cuz Barry isn't in New England--which, I'd like to add, would be MUCH cheaper to get to.

He's in Vegas. He claims he's staying there and not doing anymore concerts anywhere else. Me and Barry, we're like Ships that pass in the night. Maybe we just weren't meant to be? I think We're Losing Touch.

See, if BM were in touch with me--he'd know I don't want to cheat him out of his money, but I could use a bit of a break here. I mean, Vegas ain't cheap and neither is Barry's deluxe show package. A two night stay, with floor tickets was like 672. TWO NIGHTS??? I did not Jump, Shout Boogie over this. Believe me. Who wants to go to Vegas for just two nights? And who wants to sit in the damned balcony for the concert of their dreams? Honest, BM is on my life-list of things to do, er see. I don't lust him AT ALL. I just adore him--nicely and without any stalker tendencies, honest.

If Barry knew of my love for him, don't you think he'd want me to listen to his Beautiful Music without wracking up a CC bill for an indulgence I simply cannot justify with RT coming up? I'm telling you, It's A Miracle I'll even have shoes to wear after the fricken' cost of the RT ticket alone. LOL

Do you think Somewhere in the Night, Barry can hear my cry of desperation, filled with longing to see him, just once...I mean, I think about this All The Time. I do. I Made it Through The Rain only to wander into a blizzard of hopeless desperation.

Do you suppose he can hear my One Voice--singing in the darkness? Begging him to give me a damned shot at being the Can't Smile Without You girl. He picks one each concert. They get to sing with him. Do you know what I'd do to be that GIRL? I want it and I want it badly enough to knock people over to get it. Gently, of course. LOLLOL. I won't throw spiked heels or anything, I swear it on R's life. Tee hee :)

Could it be Magic is what I need in order to finally see this man sing to ME??? I just know if he could see the love and adoration in my eyes, he'd sing just for me, WITH me.

Will I ever see Daybreak? or am I doomed to always play second fiddle to that 'ho Mandy? (sorry, Mandy) But Even Now, I'm Ready To Take a Chance Again. (nice, eh? Two songs in one sentence. LMAO).

So, Barry, sugarplum--This Ones For You and I'm Tryin' To Get The Feelin' Again, but ya make it hard on a girl. I'd do the Bandstand Boogie for you if you'd just lower those prices to include airfare. Cuz, When October Goes, I'm going to be really tweaked if I haven't seen you yet.

I don't Write The Songs, but I DO write the books. However, they pay the bills. They leave no room for me to be Somewhere In The Night (did I use that one? LOL) in stupid Vegas with the price of that package. I'll be somewhere, but it'll have little to do with you and the night and a whole lot of ladies of the night so I can save for this, if ya know what I mean. Surely you don't want an over the hill, ex BQ to have to resort to those tactics to see you, do you? I'll only embarass you and besmirch your good name when I scream it as I turn tricks...LOLLOL

I'm Ready To Take A Chance Again, if you'll just give me one. I've been a loyal fan for over 27 years. I loved you when it was not Hip to be Square (okay, wrong singer, but it worked, yes? LOL). I was never ashamed to say it either. Cuz, Love Is A Many Splendored Thing (he's got a new CD with oldies on it. LOL). I'd sit ever rapt, listening to all of your Old Songs if you'd cut me some slack. Hell, what if you DIE before I get to Vegas. What if I die before I get to Vegas?

That would make me sooooooooo sad. You ain't gettin' any younger, baby and neither am I.

So, whaddya say, Barry--can we swing a deal here? Where Do I Go From Here? Tell me and I'm there. Should I have my agent call your agent? I promise, it won't be A Linda Song yer writin' when I'm done with ya (who the hell IS Linda? Wasn't Mandy enough already? Tramps...)

I Just Want To Be The One In Your Life and if I keep Starting Again, we'll both need hip replacements before I get there.

C'mon, B--gimme a reason to look at R and say, Looks Like We Made It.

Your future Can't Smile Without You girl,
Dakota :)


  • At 2:41 AM, Blogger Jaynie R said…

    Rob are you reading this? Dude you need to forward this to Barry's people. I bet if they took one look at Dakota's talent (and her picture), you might get some free tickets out of this post.

    How could you not?


  • At 6:16 PM, Blogger Dakota Cassidy said…

    LOL--yeah, Barry'll be stumbling over his people to get to my people when he sees all this talent untapped and raw. LMAO

    Thanks, cookie :)

    DC :)

  • At 3:54 AM, Anonymous paula said…

    DC you know I am a Fanilow....
    If I win the Lottery - we will BOTH go!!
    Leave Gary and R at home and have girl's weekend in Vegas....

    Did you see him in American Idol? He looked and sounded great.
    Do you like the new cd?

  • At 7:57 PM, Blogger Dakota Cassidy said…

    I did! He did look awesome and if I win the lottery--we're sooooo there!

    Me :)


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