Sunday, March 12, 2006


I swiped this from Angie who says I don't ever visit her blog. What the Hell does she know anyway? LOLLOL. I go there, I just don't comment very often cuz, well, cuz they talk about smart stuff, ya know? I'm just not that introspective. LMAO

Okay, here we go. This is called Lasts and I kinda felt like it was easy, cuz I can answer almost ALL of them without having to think too hard. Snicker.

9 lasts:

last cigarette: about an hour ago. God, I love to smoke.
last beverage: Is whiskey a beverage or an alcohol? LOL. I'm kidding. pepsi...
last kiss: last night :)
last movie seen: Something about Heaven with the chick who won the Oscar. Cute as Hell. Can't remember the title.
last phone call: Duh--Prince Charming. aka, R. LOL
last cd played:Um, one I made. A compilation of Stevie Wonder, Michael Feinstein, Four Tops and I can't remember the rest.
last bubble bath: Alone, or with someone? LOL.
last time you cried: Last night in my car because I heard a stupid, sappy love song. Go ahead, make the sign of the "L" on your forehead. LOLLOL

have you evers:
have you ever dated one of your best friends: Well, duh.
have you ever skinny dipped: Yes. In my pool in Jersey, sadly, I was ALONE.
Have you ever kissed somebody and regretted it: See failed marriage of 19 years. Snort.
have you ever lost someone you loved: Yes.
Have you ever been depressed: See failed marriage of 19 years. LOLLOL
have you ever been drunk and thrown up: Nope

7 states you've been to: CA, WA, MI, NJ, NY, GA, FLA
6 things you've done today:Went to Garden Ridge (home decor). Went to Bed Bath and Beyond. Had lunch with my son Cameron. Wrote. Answered e-mail. Paid bills.
5 favorite things in no order: Making my sons laugh. Smooching with R. UNO. Smooching with R. Writing.
4 people you can tell [almost] anything to: My mother. R. Michelle. Sheri
3 wishes: My sons grow into productive, well mannered gentleman. Move into the Aspen Can u even believe I said that? LOLLOL)
2 things you want to do before you die: Go to Italy. See Barry Manilow in his entirety. LOL
1 thing you regret: Staying married for 10 years longer than I should have. I mean, really, who knew? LOL


  • At 10:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh BUNNY!!??!?? Moving into The Aspen is one of your wishes?????

    Awwwwwwwww.... you really DO love me. :) :) :) :) :)

    ~R - The Champ... seriously


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