Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Rage against the machine :)

Sooo, yesterdays brew-haha has passed. Do note, I had more comments on a controversial subject than I ever have, even when the blog is about R. LOLLOL.

Why is that, do you suppose?

Because everyone loves a controversy. I can admit to liking to watch them play out as long as no one is hurt, unless the hurting involved their own stupidity. I'll comment on occasion. Usually I'll comment with objectivity and attempt to keep in mind that there are always two sides to every story.

Yesterday, I posted because I was compelled to ask the question, why? Why is it that you'll throw a bomb into a crowd of people and run the other way without taking responsiblity for your actions by leaving your name? That's what an anonymous poster does. They light a grenade--hurl it at the folks they're so angry with and run for cover, leaving behind a bunch of folks who are defensive and mad in the dust.

I joined the fray yesterday for the first time ever. I'm the least problematic author you'll ever know. I don't flame anyone on a group. I don't pick on anyone. I usually blog about my honey or my kids and life in general. But yesterday, I really wanted to know what motivates a person to do what happened on my friend Jaynie's blog.

And still, no answers. I got lots of, well, we post anonymously because of the back stabbing. I post anonymously because if I make a comment someone doesn't agree with, people take cruel delight in picking on me. Now mind you, I'm not quoting word for word what they wrote, but that was the general theme. I also heard about the e-clique and how if you aren't a part of it--you can't play.

I'm here to tell ya, that just ain't so. Ask anyone what clique I belong to and they'll tell you, I belong to the Dakota Cassidy clique. I'm friendly with everyone--I'll always defend someone who's wrongly flamed and I play nice. I also play by the rules. I try to listen to constructive critisim when it comes to my writing and I do what my pubs say I'm supposed to when it comes to editing and playing on the Yahoo groups. I am Switzerland. Are there folks I don't like--you can bet yer bippy. Do I post about it publicly? Um, no. To what end? What would that gain me? Are there people I see constantly looking to cause trouble? Yep. Do I avoid it? Yep. Duh, why wouldn't I? it's not like I need bad vibes. I've learned to IGNORE. I've learned my place and I try to stay in it. I've learned to be HUMBLE. I've learned that sometimes, ya get screwed and it isn't always the fun screwing should be. I've also learned to MOVE ON when things just aren't going my way and I don't do it publicly. I've built a solid reputaion for being fair, honest, easygoing and a wise ass. I can't help the wise ass stuff--sometimes, that's what helps me get over the e-worlds high school-like issues.

Not all of the e-pub world is bad, but I think you can make it bad if you try hard enough. I think if you're the type of personality that looks to wreak havoc, you'll make it and then, blame everyone else for it. If you rage against the machine--expect the machine to shudder and spew. You can have a cause--we all have one. It's the effect ya gotta look out for :)

What I posted yesterday had nothing to do with the actual accusations that were hurled on Jaynie's blog. I know little to nothing about them, other than the one accusation that e-pubs are owned by bored housewives. I don't own an e-pub, but I was once a bored housewife. All I can say to that is this--SO WHAT? If a bored housewife can turn lemons into a flippin' lemonade FACTORY--rock on, sistah. A bored housewife has to be one of the most creative creatures on earth--she's got the time and the resources to devote to creating a successful biz venture. I won't comment on that any further simply because--it's too inane to address and it kinda made me giggle myself silly.

What I posted had to do with the nature of the six questions I ask myself each time I write a book. Who, what, when, where, why and how. Who is anonymous? What does he/she hope to gain from a post like that without a name attached? Why do you feel the anger you do towards e-pubs? Where does this kind of fury come from? When do you plan to get over it and move on? How do you feel about the controversy you've created, then hid from?

Nothing. I still have no answers and sometimes, things are better off left a mystery, I'd suppose.

I'm okay with it. However, I'll never understand the purpose behind it. It was a whole lot of fun for anonymous though, I'd bet. I can't see the joy one could possibly gain from saying things that are cruel. After all, that's what anonymous did. Said some cruel things about e-pubs on the whole and then scurried off to wherever anonymous came from.

My summation is simply this--if you have the cayonnes to post some pretty scathing accusations, have the cayonnes to back those accusations up and be prepared for supporters to sink their claws into you. Don't boo-hoo your lot in life if you're not willing to CHANGE IT. Growth requires change. Change requires growth--that's one of those double edged swords, methinks. If you did it simply to see everyone engage in a cat fight, well, I guess that didn't much go as planned. You did it because you wanted to see what would happen. you did it because you were frustrated with your e-pub experience and you blindly struck out on the first persons blog you knew had some serious traffic. You made Jaynie quite popular, had people by the droves commenting and created a nice new audience for those who love controversy. I'd bet lots of folks will be popping over to Jaynie's blog to see what else may develop. Yet, you have NO recognition for it.

So, it got me to wondering if anonymous might not be a bored housewife? Some folks delight in stuff like what went on yesterday because their lives aren't full enough. Some folks just like to call themselves different and unique. They complain about the system, the government, the price of gas like everyone's out to get them.

The conspiracy theory. Folks like anonymous are convinced that there's some group of people or person who wants to see them suffer and they've designed a group to conspire against them.

That secret group of people designed just to make Joe Blow's life a life a living hell in Podunk Iowa.

I guess it happens. I just wish it happened with a NAME attached to it. LOL

Dakota :)


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