Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Karen S--it's her blog and believe me, she says what she wants to

LMAO--So I got a fellow cyber friend. Her name is Karen. She lives in the UK. I hope the title of this blog scares the bejesus out of her. Know why?

Cuz she scares the bejesus outta me. LOLLOL

I don't know how we met. I didn't know until today that she'd even read a book of mine. THAT scared me too. I shuddered. I did a little internal freak. Anyway, I didn't know who she was until this summer. I think she posted here and I went to her blog and so on.

I read her blog as often as time permits and I cringe in fear that I may have done something to piss her off and my name--or a facsimile thereof, might show up on her blog. I tiptoe around cyber space, scooting around corners, looking for Karen to catch me doing something she feels is blog slapping worthy. I swear on all things Victoria's Secret, she can really can yer ass when she's feelin' the need. LMAO

Actually, I'm blogging about her because I gotta admire a woman who will say whatever she wants to. It's true. She's as honest as the day is long. She posts on her blog about all sorts of stuff. Stuff I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole for fear someone would shove it up my ass. Karen would whack ya in the head with that pole and shove it back up yours, minus the grease.

And I admire her because I can't do something like that. It isn't for lack of yearning, believe me. I don't because I have cyber responsibilities that keep me in check. My way is to just stay out of it, or simply not contribute to the evolution of it. However, some stuff that goes on in the cyber coffee lounge, kinda piss me off. I never have to worry that will go unaddressed because Karen will blog about it. So will Jaynie. If I were cyber smart, I'd put links right here to their blogs, but I'm a dolt. Look at my links :)

I think the things Karen posts are all valuable entries. 'Cept the one where she was gone for like a full moon cycle. I could have done without that. I hankered for a new post from her whilst she was in FLA, frolicking with the Tall Guy and ignoring the shit out of us. They DO have Internet access there in the Everglades, Karen. LOL.

I wish I could say some of the things Karen says. However, I'm thwarted by my diplomatic persona and the lack of a sturdy set to do it.

Karen, on the other hand, says it ALL and then some. She will complain openly about a group she joined with a narcissitic owner and then, tell you she's there because it's hella fun to watch this streetcar named disaster careen toward mutilation.

She's happy to share her anger over a group where two people are carrying on an affair and the other group members encourage the infidelity. She doesn't just bemoan the injustice, she screams it loud and proud, then, mocks them honestly and with no holds barred.

She often will post on the stupidity of parents, politics, religion and anything else that tweaks her. Most of the time, I agree with her.

She's brash--she's brazen--she's my IDOL.

Her and Jaynie, that is.

I'm not much for confrontation. To me, it's wasted energy. I'm all about talking whatever the trouble is over, but I don't want to yell. However, Karen blogs in a way that sends a message too. She doesn't just tell you why someone's an arsehole--she gives you point in case :)

So, here's to my friend Karen. I envy her her head on, bite me attitude. I don't ever want it directed at me, but it's hellafino fun when she does it nonetheless. It never turns into the typical free for all, but it's refreshing and above all, HONEST.

I know she'll be proud of me when I say, "There are some real arsholes out there." Go read her blog and you'll find a vast majority of them with blog tag entires on their heads. LOLLOLLOL

Dakota :)


  • At 10:44 PM, Blogger Jaynie R said…

    She's freaken amazing isn't she?

    ...and she has some gorgeous expressions:

    "as excited as a virgin in a whorehouse"

    that's one of my favs.

    She also has bloody good taste in football teams.

    smooch babe,

  • At 2:13 PM, Blogger Karen Scott said…

    Of course I just got the shock of my life when I surfed in and saw your title. Of course I've read your books!

    Thanks for the kind words, I was nearly moved to tears. OK maybe not, but it was still nice to be appreciated for being just a little bit outspoken. Not many people do of course.

    I'd like to think that as forthright as I can be, I don't go out of my way to purposely hurt people though. Unless they piss me off in some way. Then all bets are off. *g*

    Thanks for the props Dakota!

    BTW Jaynie, I just finished watching United against Blackburn Rovers in the league cup. We drew 1-1. Crap. Smooches to you too!

  • At 2:21 PM, Blogger Dakota Cassidy said…

    Did I scare you? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Now you know how freaked I am every time I go to your blog. LMAO

    I'm kidding. No, you don't go out of your way to hurt people. You show them how they're hurting themselves.

    Hence, the beauty of your blog :)

    Dakota :)

  • At 9:35 AM, Blogger Daisy Dexter Dobbs said…

    This is a great post, Dakota! I found it through Karen’s blog. You can read about my first, and entirely unforgettable, encounter with the inimitable Ms. Scott in the comment section of her post about you today. ;-)

  • At 2:29 AM, Blogger Sam said…

    Anyone who likes soccer is a friend of mine, lol.
    Fun discussion, anyway - not that I ever read reviews, LOLOL.


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