Monday, October 17, 2005

WHAAAAAT did you say?

Cuz I can't hear youuuuuuu.

Okay--I am officially OLD.

Saw the Nine Inch people tonight and I do believe that the folks in Siberia "heard" them too. I decided I was old when we watched the opening band and it was but two guys--one banging the hell out of a drum and the other playing guitar and screaming a lot. He was a GOOD screamer, though.

I thought--is it me or is this the loudest concert since I saw Rush back in the olden days? I don't remember feeling the beat in my chest then...

Anyway, I have to say that it was gazoodles of fun to people watch. Lemme set this up for ya.

See Dakota in pretty silk shirt in beige tones, with cute clogs, jeans and her adorable pink purse . See NIN fans in leather--striped thigh high stockings--platform boots and so much black I do believe they were all in some kind of mourning. Had I known black was the ensemble color of choice for the evening, I would have broken out my leather mini--corset and black 6 inch spiked thigh high boots.

More's the pity the young children of America missed that, eh LMAO

Okay, so, we get in there and shortly after opening band one--I gotta use the facilities.

I skip off to the bathroom, looking like Rebecca from Sunnybrook Farm--do my thang and go to freshen up my makeup. I should NOT be allowed to roam free with crowds of people, ya know?

Young girl--leather clad, jeans spray painted on and spiky pink hair says, "OMG--I LOVE your lip gloss. Can I borrow it?"

Er, NO. "Um, darling? Do you realize how many germs lip gloss has? I mean you could get herpes from me and my pink lip gloss."

"'re really pretty."

Oy, compared to WHAT, I think? LOL. "Well, thank you." I'd say she was pretty back, BUT she's like 12 with some major red lipstick and pink hair...

"Do you think that color would look good on me?"

See me hang onto the lip gloss for all I'm worth. "Well, I think it would look much better than the red you're wearing. Red is simply too much for your pale complexion (now I'm like a Mary Kay reject) Yes, I think pink would look GREAT with your HAIR."

"So, who ya here with?"

"My boyfriend."

"oh. How old is he?"

Snort. "Ooooold."

"Really? Wow, like how old are you?"


"Like how old?"

"Twenty five. " So I lied. Prove it, I say. LOLLOL

"Wow...yeah. Hookay, byyyyeee." Giggle, giggle, giggle.

I come back and lo and behold--yet another group. More guys, more screaming and more hearing loss. But enjoyable, nonetheless.

Now, I need a smoke, cuz the big shit is goin' down soon and I want to be prepared.

I go outside. A nice young man asks me for a light. I give him one.

he says, "Wow, you're hot." Friends giggle, he smiles proudly.

Damn, I'm on a ROLL with the teenyboppers :) I say, "Well, thanks (because honestly, what the hell can I say?, LOL). How old are you?" I ask.


Nice--good--jail bait. Yee and Haw. I say, "Shoot and I'm only 22 years older than you...old enough to be your MOTHER." OMG--now I AM my mother. LMAO

He says, "oh, cool."

Indeed, very cool.

I scurry on back because the main event is going to happen and I certainly don't want to miss losing the hearing in my other ear.

And then, it happened. I, for the first time since R and I hooked up, saw it.

Yes, ladies and gentleman--I witnessed a phenom like none before.

The ONE thing that has R more enraptured that Dakota's charms.

Nine Inch Nails.

Yes, that's right--he's an NIN GROUPIE. A quiet one, but one nonetheless. R promptly turned his back to me and was immediately SUCKED IN. He mouthed the words--he did the head bounce and but once or twice, mumbled something to me.

Well, I gotta fight the dude with all the muscles, a voice to rival the echo in the Grand Canyon and some leather pants? I would have felt slighted had it not been for the fact that I have to admit, this Trent guy IS fascinating and I was kinda getting a kick out of R so absorbed. I can't understand a single word this lead singer says, but to watch him jump around and hang onto that microphone like it was a departing lover, was really quite something.

His fans are quite something too. There was, of course, the mosh pit, where you can be thrown up in the air and that head bounce I spoke of. A sea of heads bobbing in almost perfect unison--it was kinda cool to watch the kids so into it. It reminded me of the days when I was a concert goer too and we did all sorts of crazy crap.

Ahhh and the old, familiar "smells" were abound once again too. I think the whacky weed comes in potpourri scented smells now--much vanilla scented air to be had in the theater, fer sure.

All in all, it was a lot of fun. Different, undoubtedly unique, but fun. I love to people watch and R indulged me when he isn't ensconced in another MAN. LOLLOL. I can't take that lead singer Trent, so if he wants R--I say, you win, baby. Plus, he really does look so much better in leather pants than I do. R must have passed out from all of the excitement too because he didn't IM me to check and see if I'd made it home safely...R ALWAYS checks. Humph.

And a sigh.

I love a new experience. I naturally, love to crack wise over it too--I can have a good time just about anywhere and I did at the NIN concert too. R said he didn't enjoy this concert as much as the last one. I was sorry to hear that. Or NOT hear it, cuz I still can't hear much but muffled sounds. Tomorrow I begin sign language classes. LMAO

I'm kidding. It was an interesting dichotomy of light, sound, smell and the color black.

Next up--Yanni--to cleanse my palette for the Fifty Cent/Pretty Ricky concert my kid wants to go to.


Dakota :)


  • At 9:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    LMAO. That is just too funny. Doesn't NIN sing that song "I want to F**k you like an Animal?" I dunno, but that song is a tad over the top for this erotic romance writer. :D

  • At 9:39 AM, Anonymous paula said…

    Hello?? Can you hear me?? LMAO

    Nice to know you haven't lost your allure....both sides of the teenage coin, no less.

    Jessica & Nick would have been in NIN heaven...

    so, are you going to make R sit through Toby Keith...?

  • At 10:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well, well, well. I think I need to address this stuff...

    1. I'm not a "groupie". That implies that I chase the band and have sex with them. Not so. I'm SO not into sword fights.

    2. I like NIN because of the powerful, emotional nature of his music. He's far more than the average "hangin' wit my bitches n hos..." mindless drivel. Unfortunately, most of the emotions he thrives on are darker than most of us would dare face. ;)

    3. I only turned my back to my lovely D, because the NFL Football player-type guy next to me kept leaning left, blocking my view. But, I still held her hand n stuff...

    4. She was spot-on with the people watching and loudness. It seemed painfully loud, but oddly enough, I woke up today and my ears are fine. I can remember the Kiss concert I went to in 1977 had my ears feeling like they were stuffed with cotton balls for 2 or 3 days. So, perhaps we really are just old (...but still hot).

    ~R... The NIN Champ

  • At 11:26 AM, Blogger Dakota Cassidy said…

    P--OY. LOLLOL. Tell Jess and Nick--it's Game ON whenst next we meet and IF NIN is around. I got earplugs. LOL

    Chey--why, yes, those were the words--the ONLY words I understood the entire concert. Oh and I wanna f&%k you from the inside out. LOLLOL. I have to admit--I enjoyed the experience of it all. I love a new experience--even if it's way out of my comfort zone :)

    Honeybunny?--I am a Barry groupie and I assure you, I don't want to smile with him in THAT way. Groupie emcompasses MANY things--of which you can check several off your list. LOL

    Dakota--the deaf NIN survivor. LOLLOLLOLLOL

  • At 8:46 AM, Blogger Shiloh Walker said…

    Dakota~I gotta admit, people watching at a NIN concert would be pretty interesting.

    Dunno if my ears would survive...


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