Sunday, October 30, 2005

UNO! Myths and legends

LOLLOL. R used the word UNO in his response to my post and a couple of you wondered what that meant. LMAO.

Here's the skinny--and then, I'm going to share with you a myth or two about what I thought UNO was--and turned out not to be :)

I cracked a joke a couple of weeks ago about how when I saw R again, we were going to play UNO in every room of my house (snort, snicker, snort). We hadn't seen each other much because of his work (go figure) and let's just say, it'd been a bit since Dakota had dealt her cards.

Once you play UNO--it becomes addictive in ways you can't even imagine and you begin to find you NEED to play UNO often. As often as work and time contraints will allow, anyway. I really do love UNO. Especially seeing as R is the BEST UNO partner ever.

So last weekend my sons were gone and so was mom. R and I played UNO. He's a great UNO player. LMAO

Now about those myths and legends...

MYTH--you can only play ONE round of UNO and it can only last thirty minutes.

MYTH BREAKER--au contraire. You CAN play more than ONE round of UNO. As a matter of fact--you can play 7 or 8, sometimes even TEN, depending on your game stamina...

MYTH--UNO cards are average in size or, worse still the SAME size for all UNO players.

MYTH BREAKER--see me blush at my mistake. UNO cards come in all sorts of sizes. However, I find I play UNO best when they are more than a handful and thicker in stock :) ROFLMAO.

MYTH--Watching Walker Texas Ranger is an absolute MUST after only ONE SHORT round of UNO and you should immediately leave the playing field.

MYTH BREAKER--Lies, I say. All lies! Nuh-uh. You can linger at the playing table--no TV involved. You can certainly shake hands with your UNO opponent after a game of UNO. There is absolutely NO law against it. It's called good sportsmanship and afterglow of a game well played. Color me STUPID. LMAO

MYTH--You must play UNO in the dark.

MYTH BREAKER--er, well, it might be preferable for those of us who have old, worn cards. However, when played with the right UNO opponent, under the loving auspices of someone who thinks your UNO cards are RAD because they've been well worn over the years--playing with the light ON can indeed be fun. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

MYTH--UNO can be played with a partner you're not so crazy about and who doesn't always play the game fair and square.

MYTH BREAKER--Um. NO. I've found It is best to have a certain fondness for your UNO partner and the rules set up from inception, are best ADHERED to. UNO requires trust and a comittment to the game :)

MYTH--UNO is a multiple partner game--whether you like it or not.

MYTH BREAKER--Well, suffice it to say--you DO have to know if someone else has been invited to play a round with you. However, I find--one on one is certainly given to maximum game playing enjoyment and best suits my UNO needs. Yours may vary :)

MYTH--UNO should strictly be strategically played in one position...

MYTH BREAKER--Um, NOT. That's all I have to say about that. LMAO.

MYTH--There is only ONE winner in a game of UNO. It is a selfish game of winner take all.

MYTH BREAKER--Um, again I say, NOT. UNO can be satisfying for both players when consideration, time, effort and a great deal of sharing strategies is put in play.

MYTH--UNO is a game that must be played on a specified day (in advance) and in a timely fashion. Thus, just before sleep.

MYTH BREAKER--No, No, NO! UNO can be played at ANY time of the day and it can be a spontaneously induced. Honestly, all this time I thought you absolutely HAD to play on Saturday nights between 11 and 11:15. I'm the most sheltered UNO player I know...Tee hee :

MYTH--UNO should NOT be played if you're tired.

MYTH BREAKER--Um, again I say, NOT. UNO can, in all honesty, be played when you are DEAD tired because it's good for the body AND mind and thus, allows a rejuvinating, restful sleep period afterwards.

MYTH--UNO must be the only game you play when with your beloved UNO partner.

MYTH BREAKER--Nah. You can do lot's of stuff with your UNO partner that have nothing to do with playing UNO. In fact, I highly recommend that you find other forms of entertainment together and apart. It makes the game of UNO that much MORE invigorating when you do play :)

And the BIGGEST MYTH of all--UNO is not a game for the unskilled, inept and bumbling.

MYTH BREAKER--Oh, NO, this is a complete falsehood. UNO can indeed be played by beginners like myself. It is a game that requires you to learn as you go--practice makes perfect--more practice makes perfect. Okay, LOADS of practice is needed, but the inexperienced beginner will soon find that all of that practice can be a ginormous amount of fun :)

So, for those who haven't played UNO in awhile--get yer cards out and start dealing. For those who were uninformed about the merits of playing UNO, go get ye a partner and play the shit out of it. For those who knew UNO was THIS much FUN, FUN, FUN--where the hell were you when I began my illustrious UNO career?


Dakota :)
Beginner UNO strategist :)


  • At 1:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Allow me to add a few...

    MYTH: Play UNO to win.
    MYTH BREAKER: No... the various strategies of the game are what makes it fun. Both players will feel victorious after a game well played by both, even if only one winner is declaired. When many games of UNO are played, both players will have their chance at victory.

    MYTH: UNO should be played fast paced and vigorous to create excitement.
    MYTH BREAKER: UNO is a game that must be played with care, and with great respect to both the game and the other player. Patience and thought given to each hand played will reward both players with a better UNO experience overall.

    MYTH: Changing partners regularly will make for a more exciting game.
    MYTH BREAKER: Though playing with a new partner will have a short term effect on the game, you'll usually find the game less rewarding in the long run. It is much better to develope your game skills with the same player over time, as your UNO strategies will begin to compliment each others, resulting in a MUCH more fulfilling game of UNO.


    ~R - The Champ

  • At 1:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I dunno, R. Fast paced and vigorous can be awfully fun, too. *g*

    I'm going to have to play a round of Uno now. Where's my dh?



  • At 1:59 PM, Blogger Jaynie R said…

    UNO has gotta be my fav game *g*

    Have you played it outside in the pool yet?


    Water UNO is the best.

  • At 3:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Forgive me... I've completely forgotten my manners...

    I'd like to thank the lovely 'kota for the compliments. And I quote... "I really do love UNO. Especially seeing as R is the BEST UNO partner ever."

    Among a group of your peers, there is absolutely nothing nicer you can say about your man. :) :) :)

    Thanks, Bunny. LOLOL

    ~R - The UNO Champ

  • At 3:56 PM, Blogger Dakota Cassidy said…

    So telling you I like your sweater just isn't the same, huh? LMAO

    Yer welcome, honey :)

    Dakota--still an UNO beginner

  • At 11:05 AM, Anonymous paula said…

    Somehow I just don't think this is the same game I played as a kid in Ohio....:-P


  • At 5:06 PM, Blogger Shiloh Walker said…

    Paula, I'm with you...i'm thinking this is another form entirely....

    of course, it does sound more fun :)

  • At 11:47 PM, Blogger Dakota Cassidy said…

    Well, Shiloh and Paula--there are ALL kinds of UNO to be played (weg). I'd highly recommend TRACTION UNO--that's where you have to stick closely to your partner and tract--or something like that. LOLLOL

    UNO--it just ain't yer grandma's game anymore, huh? LMAO

    Dakota :)

  • At 6:41 AM, Anonymous Paula said…

    Care to comment on the acronym?
    Unihibited Naked Orgies?
    Unclothed Naughty Olympics?
    Unrestrained Nude Orgasms?


  • At 10:49 PM, Blogger Dakota Cassidy said…

    ROFLMAO @ P :)

    Actually, it's Unified Nations Oragamie. LOLLOL

    Dakota :)


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