Sunday, October 23, 2005

The three 'C's" of Motocross

Clamp, clench and clutch--in any order thereof.

And I did, clamp, clench, and CLUTCH. LOLLOL

Okay, so yesterday I had ze FREE DAY. I shipped the kids off the my dads with my mom and R and I had plans to see a show at the Improv and dinner. I thought he'd probably ride his dirtbike during the day because he hadn't been in a couple of weeks and he was really needing a good stress reliever.

So, he calls me yesterday afternoon. I thought by then, he'd have gone off to the dirtbike track he calls his own slice of heaven and he was either on his way there, or back. Au contraire...

He says, "Hey, Bun, wanna ride with me today?"

I say, "Yeah, sure." Like I'm Ms. Motocross 2005--all cocky and ain't nuthin' gonna scare me like. LOLLOL

However, I am the biggest of chickens. My one stint on a street bike had me begging for mercy and calling the Lord's name in vain. A Lot and with ZEAL.

But like I said, I'm all about a new adventure and my man loves his dirtbike--I figured it's time I see what this is all about. I'm all for you having your own thing to do and going off and doing it. I believe couples don't allow for hobbies, ect and in my op, that just ain't ok. So when R says he's going to do the thing he loves most--I say, have a FAB time, call me and let me know your pelvis can still thrust when yer done. LOLLOL

Really, I'm very supportive of it because he truly has a passion for it and I understand passion. My passion is writing and if he told me I couldn't do it--I'd tell him to piss off. It isn't just how I earn my money--it's something I simply MUST do and something I truly LOVE. I never get upset over it because it's his thang and sometimes your thang is what keeps you sane. I just never plan on anything during the weekends because I know he'll want to ride and I'm good with it. As a matter of fact, I told him even with my free of the kids pass, I didn't want him to spend the day with me because he NEEDED to ride. I never want him to feel like he has to choose between me and his 2-wheeled mistress. LOLLOL

Anywho, I'm ready. I think.

R picks me up and FINALLY meets my dad and Uncle Harry. Just before I go out to fetch my man in the driveway, my father says, "Princess, bring the boy in to meet me."

Er, K, daddy. I KNOW my mother made him be quiet because he didn't say much more than hello to R and shake his hand. Uncle Harry was quiet too. That REALLY means mom was whispering while I went to get R.

Off we go. My tummy is a little nervous, but s'ok, I got guts of steel.


We arrive and it really is just the MOST beautiful place I've seen in TX thus far. Lot's of foliage, lots of rolling hills and lot's of dirt.

I LOVE dirt. I know I don't look like the kind of girl who does. I know it seems like my nails are always done and my hair is always my biggest concern, but what you don't know is I LOVE dirt, sawdust and power tools. I can use them all in one fashion or another and I LOVE to garden. I miss the soil in upstate NY dreadfully. It smells SO good.

K--so we're there and R suits up. I gnaw on the inside of my cheek, cuz I am ASKAIRT, but I'll be dipped in BBQ sauce, hog tied and dragged naked through the streets of Hooterville before I'll say it out loud.

I'm all about facing my fears.

Um, Hoo-Rah and all.

R starts the bike with the previous promise he would NEVER scare me. No hot-dogging, no shennaigans. I made it very clear if he scared me, I'd punch the shit out of him. LOLLOL

I hop on and this is where the clutching comes in. I CLUTCH this poor man's mid-section for all I'm worth and close my eyes. R says to clamp the bike seat with your thighs and lean into him. The whole ride, I kept thinking, "Dakota, clutch R, clench your butt so you won't fall off, clamp your legs on the bike seat, keep your feet on the foot thingy's, don't whack this poor man in the head with your helmet anymore because he's going to be brain dead soon if you keep it up."

I always thought multi-tasking was my thing, but I beg to differ now that I've failed so dismally at doing all of those things at once. LOLLOL. I was really scared in the beginning. Looking down those narrow hills and feeling that bike tire slip from side-to-side scared the bejesus outta me. It toook a good 20 minutes for me to breathe again. I'd also like to note, I never screamed ONCE.

However, after I adjusted to most of the above, I LOVED it. I'm telling you, it's quite a high to ride through those trails and zip over those hills. I truly had a GREAT time. I'm huge nature lover and where R does some of his riding is really beautiful. I gotta say, I had a blast and I totally loved the surroundings.

I brought a book so R could go and do a lap by himself without me on the back of the bike clenching, clutching and clamping. LOLLOL. I read a book and just relaxed. It was so great to just hang out and have nothing to do but fluff my helmet head hair. Tee hee :)

R was true to his word and never once scared me. He would warn me about stuff coming up and he didn't drive like the Tasmanian devil. He stopped once or twice to let me catch my breath and he's really a GREAT driver. Is that what you call them? Drivers? I dunno, either way, I LOVED it. I grew very comfortable the last half of our ride and really had the chance to appreciate his love of the freedom it gives you to just be with your thoughts in a beautiful setting. R is so cute. He kept checking to be sure I was okay and if I needed anything. PLus, he looks WAY cute in those Lycra shorts under his riding drawers :)

Then, we hurried back to my house to shower and change so we could catch the show at the Improve--that was a hoot too. We had dinner and saw Kathleen Madigan. She's hilarious. I don't say that oft, because it takes a lot to make me giggle, but she had me in tears of laughter at one point.

This morning, my ass cheeks had a question or two when I slid out of bed. Not about the Improv, I can tell ya... I do believe they wanted to know if what we'd done yesterday, was a new form of Pilates, cuz they were SCREAMING. LOLLOL. But that was the only side effect and not so bad once I got up and worked my kinks out.

Anyway, I did it. I went cross country dirtbiking and I really had a lot of fun. Now, I wanna try and drive one of those bad boys. The LITTLE versions, thank you, with NO hills, but try to master one, nonetheless.

I wonder if they come in hot pink, like the Barbie Corvette?


Dakota :)


  • At 6:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I wish I could have seen this. Glad you had fun.


  • At 7:17 PM, Anonymous Erin The Innocent said…

    *picturing Dakota on a pink Barbie style dirt bike*

    It's doable I think *g*

    It sounds like you had a blast Kota :)

  • At 10:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I felt really bad that I didn't have a pink helmet and jumpsuit for you Bunny. But, I promise we'll get you some gear that matches your lip gloss if you start riding a little bike. :)

    ~R-The Champ


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