Saturday, October 08, 2005

Meet the R's :)

I have returneth from my weekend with my honeybunch.

The one I was so freaked out about, ya know?

First, lemme say this--I had a FABULOUS time with R's family. They're a bunch of genuine, wise cracking, fun folks. Very welcoming, very kind :)

I also have to thank R for the title to this post. He thought of it while we were getting ready for bed last night :) He soooo knows my wheels were turning. I cracked up when he said I just thought of a title for your blog.

Sooooooo--we went to a movie premier, kind of like a limited special showing of a movie his nephew stars in that comes out next month for public consumption. His nephew was really terrific in it and a helluva nice guy to boot.

I'm not terribly star struck and I'll always respect another's privacy. so I'm going to refrain from mentioning his name, but he's a nice guy and very funny. Go figure, seeing as R is hilarious. Not at all "Hollywood", just a genuine kid who's really good to his mother and grandmother.

Okay, so we were a smidge late to the premier because R had work obligations. We made it just in time to say a quick hello and then sit for the movie.

R's mom was a hoot. I put my hand out to intro myself and she says, "Oh, c'mere and give me a hug. I've heard so much about you. That's all he talks about is YOU." See Dakota smile smugly and hug mom back. His sister shakes my hand and asks if I'm the "bunky buddy" she's heard so much about.

Why yes, that would be me. I'm the freakin slut whose stolen R's heart and had her way with him in so many places, I've lost count. LOLLOL. Actually, had I known they could have taken an answer like that when I first met them--I'd have cracked wise. Instead, I turned a lovely shade of CRIMSON.

yes, Dakota blushes. I cracked up when his sister said that because I KNEW I was amongst people who could have a GOOD giggle. Never mind that it was at my expense. LOLLOL She informed me the interview process was later. EEK.

R's mom is a hoot--she wanted to know why he didn't call more and I almost blurted out that he can't do that if he's on the phone with MOI. I shall make it my mission to remind him to call her more oft because she's a delight.

So--we watch the movie and then, we go off to a VIP party and turn our noses up at some of the crappy appetizers. Ever had goat cheese and fig paste on crackers? it tastes like freakin toe jam and ear wax. R and I shared a listermint strip or two over that.

After the party, they all decided to check out a jazz bar. That was a lot of fun. I'm not a jazz fan, but I have to say, it was a nice atmosphere where I was able to get to know his family and watch R interact with them. They have a really nice ebb and flow. Oddly, I didn't say much because I'm all about observing to begin with and I find people fascinating. I especially find it intriguing when they connect as well as R's family does. So for a time, I watched and let R do his thing. He was so happy to see his family that I was happy just to have him enjoy and hang. Some of his friends/co-workers were there from the branch his family owns in the mid-west and they were pretty cool too.

Man, wait until R hears all the stuff they told me he said about me. LOLLOLLOLLOL

We ended up having a good time people watching and went back to the hotel pretty late. Which meant breakfast came WAY early. LOL

I fought my way out of bed the next morning--LONG before R got up which was just as well. Holy hell, ya shold have seen my hair. it was of the 80's rock-star variety. Not to mention, I'd had NO coffee and NO smokes. Yet, I managed not to snarl once.

So we spent the day just hanging out and then, R had more work to do. We go back to the hotel and while R works--Dakota crashes. I swear, I lay down on that nice bed with the pretty remote control that gives you your "sleep number" and I think I found my "sleep number". Four freakin' hours later--I wake up because it's time for dinner and R's mom wants us downstairs NOW. LOLLOL

R had crawled in beside me and we were out for the count. I never nap. Never, but I gotta tell ya, with no comp and no kids, life can be pretty sweet.

Before dinner and to pass the time because it rained and we were waiting for our reservations, R's nephew suggested BINGO because R's mom is such a fan of it. he's very considerate, much like R.

OMG--when did BINGO become a competitive sport, featuring dobber (sp) hurling, snarling, drinking, cussing game with many "shhhhhhhhh's"?

Good gravy--these people mean BIZ. We were at a table of people who are not ashamed to snark. We did a lot of giggling while the others around us got upset and shushed us, glared at us, got angry over R taking the good BINGO ju-ju seat we didn't know was reeking BINGO karma--had crossed eyes by games end because BINGO is a MUCH diff game than it once was. Now it isn't all about the diagonal or up and down--it's about making flags and shapes ect. WTF? Who, I ask you, can freakin' keep track of all of those damn numbers, never mind make a FLAG out of them.

By the time it was over, I could no longer see straight. The last game I whined because I had none of the free numbers. To which R says, "Oh, honey, yes you do. Look at all of these..." His mom helped me too. I'm tellin' ya, I was SPENT and if dyslexic can be caught like a virus? I now have it. LOLLOL However, it was SOOOOO much fun watching these people with their troll dolls perfectly aligned for good luck and their special dobber bags in multi colors, play a game that was once just some numbers and an X on a card.

BINGO ain't what it used to be. It should be an Olympic event.

So, we had a lovely dinner and I had a chance to chat with R's mom who is funny as hell without even knowing it. She's a HUGE dessert fan just like R and she just couldn't relate to me passing dessert up. However, I have learned VALUABLE--TOP SECRET family info. I joked that I didn't need to order dessert, cuz R always shares with me. He's forever jamming a spoon of something into my face. I come to find that this is committment for R--he don't play well with other's when it comes to anything sticky, gooey and calorie filled.

See Dakota smile smugly again.

To top the evening off--we did a carriage ride. The other's had dispersed and that left R and I and his sister and hubby. His sister cracks me up. Not only is she vibrant, but she ain't ashamed to talk about much. Yes, that includes SEX. LOLLOLLOLLOL. She really had me rolling over some of her comments. She and R are so much alike that the banter was a nice thing to witness. I'm telling you, I joke with R about this, but I gotta wonder...I'm ADOPTED--my family in comparison is conservative--these people are MUCH like me.

I think they forgot me and R and I are really cousins or something. LMAO

So, did the carriage ride which was romantic and fun on a crisp, but clear night. I love carriage rides and it was kinda nice to do it minus my sons--AND the jokes about horse farts. Oh, wait. R did that. LMAO

Anyway, I was nervous for naught. I had the BEST time and it was so great to get away and just relax with such snarky, funny people.

I have a couple of new insights on the whole R/Dakota thing too. R has always been very good at showing affection in public. He's unashamed to share with the world at large that he loves me--I, in turn am the same way. However, I thought maybe with his family, he might be reserved. You know, the whole--let's see if they like her thing?

I gotta tell ya--R never missed a beat. He was as affectionate as always. There wasn't a time when he wasn't somewhere nearby, holding my hand, making sure I was comfortable, checking to see if I needed anything. It wasn't that I expected him to diss me or forget I was there, but I guess I just didn't know how he'd behave around his family. I knew I'd be able to make conversation ect. It's kinda what I do, ya know? I just didn't know how often I'd be left to my own devices--so I wasn't prepared for him to be as involved in me, while still being involved with his family.

I am indeed, a very lucky woman because R, even in the midst of seeing his family members that he sees so rarely, included me no matter what. It wasn't something I was used to. I AM used to going off and finding someone to talk to until I was summoned.

it's just not like that with R, or his family.

I can tell you, R is simply the best and I can't believe some hottie didn't snatch him up before me.

It was me who just wanted to be friends, yes?

Wow, am I ever glad I finally listened to Jaynie (tee hee).

Cuz I'm having a helluva a lucky streak :)

Dakota :)


  • At 6:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sounds like you had a blast. I have to meet the pragon of virtue sometime when I get to the Dallas area.

    Diane McConnell

  • At 5:20 AM, Anonymous paula said…

    Glad to know that things went off without a hitch!

    Sounds like Rob doesn't fall too far from the family tree, and that is great for you and the boys. All that unconditional acceptance will be good for the bruised self-esteems you all suffered before.

    I think that is the reason why I am so happy for you. You have found someone who loves you - as is. No agenda, no reconstruction plan. Just you.

    Hugs to you both.

  • At 10:42 AM, Blogger Jaci Burton said…

    Sounds like you had an absolute blast. R's family sounds fantastic!
    The one amazing thing about finding honest to God real love when you didn't have it before is that it's so freakin different from anything you've ever experienced you don't quite know what to do about, feel about it or say about it. It's like a dream and you expect to wake up any minute.

    I'm so happy for you babe. You've hit the jackpot. Never, ever let it go.

  • At 6:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    OKAY... so, one minute, you're all smiling smuggly. Then you're following it up with "R is simply the best...".

    I guess the whole point here is that we're both smug about how creepy-goofy-moony-eyed the other is about us? I can live with that. :)

    Seriously... we had the best time. Together 24/7, with family, for 2 days and not so much as a sour look at each other. We were either laughing, or recovering for laughing.

    Bless you, Bun. ;)

    ~R - The Freakin Champ

  • At 6:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Love it, Dakota! The Freakin Champ he is. I'm so glad to hear you had a great time.



  • At 1:34 PM, Blogger Kate Douglas said…

    Hey kiddo! I came in to see what you've been up to and ended up staying for WAY too long. I am so tickled to see that things are going so good...and it's about damned time. I was afraid I was going to have to hide Doug. It's so nice to know the men of America are now safe from the wiles of Dakota!

  • At 2:10 PM, Blogger Dakota Cassidy said…

    Diane? Anytime, babe :)

    P? I adore you :)

    Jaci? Ain't that the truth. I honestly did not believe stuff like this happened. I can admit when I'm wrong. LOLLOL. Smooches, babycakes :)

    Honey? you soooooo love me. Tee hee :)

    Chey, thanks, angel face :)

    Kate? Ask my Doug if he's still got the tool belt. LMAO

    DC :)


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