Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Much ado about NOTHING

Which is what this blog is about.

I got zippo in the way of anything exciting to talk about. However, it IS my duty to blog--otherwise, I get the hatchet from my buddy Jaynie for being a sucky blogger.

She takes away my link to her blog (which is HUGELY popular) and I'm sunk.

No more fame, no more fortune. Just Dakota in blog-sphere--all alone.

I've done nothing noteworthy since my last blog. R and I haven't set the world on fire--or started a fire by mishap because we can't keep our grimy paws off of one another and knocked over a candle in the process. LOLLOL

I haven't written anything so spectacular that Nora Roberts now wants to co-author a book with me.

My sons are their usual PITA'S.

My mom is still in love with R, yet at the ready with her shotgun just in case. She talks about how sweet he is when he calls or takes me somewhere. You'd think he was taking me on lavish cruises and whirwind trips to Paris or something. Yet, she thinks he's soooooooooo cute.

Mind you, she's seen him once.


So, nothing new here.

In fact, all is a little too quiet.

This means my life will soon be topsy-turvy, in a big ole DC mess. I should never question the peace I'm enjoying. This makes me a pesimist, doesn't it? I'm kinda like waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I have LOADS of shoes.


I think I'd better clean my shoe tree, huh?


DC :)


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