Saturday, August 06, 2005

Mom's got a BOYFRIEND

Soooo, as you all know I'm doing the B-F/G-F thing now. I've officially been someone's girlfriend for a bit over a week or so, I think. Something like that anyway and I refuse to count days, because that's just way over the line of girlie and further into ludicrous than I care to venture.

So you know I have sons, yes? Two. 15 and 11. Sons who've asked many questions about this boyfriend. The boyfriend happened when they were visiting their father in NJ so when they came home, I didn't want them to get off a plane and have me say, "Oh, by the way. Mom's going to get a little some-some. Meet her new squeeze..."

They knew I was friends with R--I'd mentioned it several times when we would go to a movie ect. "R is just my FRIEND," I'd say. LOL. Some friend, huh? Tee hee. So the last week of their visit, I mentioned fairly casually that R had now become a "date" and we were exploring the date thing. I let them ask questions and for the most part they were generic. My oldest said, "I knew it." The youngest said, "Cool, mom." They made their thoughts clear on mom dating just one person. As long as he made me happy--didn't steal our house--and we still had money for a gallon of milk--they were happy. However, if he frigged up--they weren't afraid to break his legs--key his car--be really MEAN. LOLLOL

Good, yes? On the advice of my friend the Fuzz, I had successfully done this the right way and I planned to keep doing it the right way. Don't get me started on how the ex introduced his S/O because surely my head will spin around all exorcist-like.

Nuff said.

Nontheless, when they came home, I picked them up and we chatted on the way home about R and all sorts of things. I have a pretty good relationship with my sons in that, we are very open and we talk frequently. We had a tough time during my divorce and we've bonded in ways most do, I suppose, when things are REALLY scary. Essentially, we visited the "bad place" together and as much as I tried to shield them from it--they had no choice but to adapt. Hence, they aren't afraid of much. When I began dating, I made it clear that NO ONE would be skipping off to mom's bedroom with her while they were shuttled off to the far corners of my mansion. I wasn't going to have a succession of Uncle whomevers wandering in and out. I met all of my dates away from my home and no one would be dropping by unless they were exclusive. Period.

So I told them about the exclusive thing and then, set about small doses of mom having said exclusivity. R picked me up for our movie and I briefly introduced them--everyone shook hands and said hello and then off we went. The next time, much the same scenario when we went on our drive. Easy cheesy Japaneesie.

We chat on the phone, R and I, a lot (it's much like a crack addiction. LMAO) So the boys have been very good about letting mom have mom time. Well, truth be told, most times they're off with their friends--so it matters little. However, they've had exposure to this new stupid ass grin I have on my face and mock me just like you'd expect any kid of Dakota Cassidy would--at regular intervals and with great ZEAL. Sigh.

Last night R came over and we watched movies. My sons were off doing their Friday night thing, so they came in in the middle of everything. We were sitting on the couch quite respectably, thank you, but holding hands or whatever and the boys were cool with it. I'd explained that yes, we hold hands and stuff. My youngest asked if we kissed and I answered truthfully, "Hell, NO! That's just uber gross." He nodded in mocking appeasment and said, "Yeah, no kidding." LOLLOLLOLLOL. So far so good. No giggles and awkward moments when they saw us together. Slow, doses in small increments...

Earlier this week R said, "Let's take the boys to a movie. I don't want them to think all I do is whisk their mom off." Yeah, he's pretty grounded and cool. Whatever. LOLLOL He said this all on his own--I never even mentioned it. I certainly wouldn't want to take my kids off to anywhere if I were him. I love 'em, but they ARE kinda mean to each other. Okay, a lot mean to each other. Like night and day, my boys. However, R knows that no matter what, they come first. Even if they do drive me out of what little mind I have left :)

So we have a movie date with them. I'm a little nervous. Did I mention my sons are spawn from Lucifer, feed on the pain of others, and in general PITAS when they share space? LOLLOL.

I chatted with them a bit about the expected behavior ect. I've got mace and a taser--I ain't afraid to use it. LOLLOL. I'm kidding...keep your fingers crossed they behave and don't do the "if you look at me once more, I'm going to punch you" thing.

This whole transitition thing is kinda weird. I seem to be the only one that thinks so. You'd think my sons would find it bizarre that mom no longer kisses their father goodnight, but they don't. You'd think R would have been all weirded out that I have kids and he doesn't. Then, shy away from dealing with them. He didn't. Not yet, anyway. I give him two weeks. LMAO

Well, if they do behave badly, R will KNOW what he's gotten himself into for sure then. I did try to tell him I come with a warning label--so do my Hell bound spawn. They have Haz-Mat flaps even :)



Dakota :)


  • At 5:24 AM, Anonymous paula said…

    How did it go? You can't just leave us hanging out there....we might think you pulled a Jaynie (LOL) and that Rob had snapped in mid-date and tossed you all out into the vast Texas prairie!

    I ams sure that your boys were fine. They know how to behave in social situations. I have sat at the table with them in restaurants, with my own demon spawn at hand, and they have been well-behaved. What is done at home is not cool in public. You have to save the sibling torture for those private times when only people who can really appreciate it are around to see it. Otherwise it just reflects badly on the parent. And we all KNOW you are da-bomb of motherhood.

  • At 6:51 AM, Blogger Dakota Cassidy said…

    LOLLOL--we haven't gone yet. That's today. Light a candle for me, would ya?

    If that's not scary enough--tomorrow is dinner with his nephew who's flying in for R's B'day. Oy. ALl I can say is I promise to be a VERY NICE GIRL. LOLLOL

    Dakota :)

  • At 2:37 PM, Blogger Karen Scott said…

    Ahhhh, this is just so darned cute! You're kids sound great Dakota!


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