Saturday, August 20, 2005

Do you remember...

...the 21st night of September?

Wee doggie! Remember that song? How about--Got to get ya into my life--Boogie Wonderland?

See Dakota do the happy dance. I remember ALL of them and then some and tonight, I FINALLY get to see Earth Wind and Fire!

K--so my luck with concerts has virtually been shit on a shingle for sometime now. I didn't go to many when I was married, because we didn't much like the same music.

There's a reccuring theme here, yes?

Anyway, the last concert I saw before the demise of my marriage was my all time FAV, Barry Manilow. Laugh if you will, I'll just tell you to piss off. NO one and I do mean, NO ONE does it for me like Barry. I ADORE him and I'd waited near on 20-something years to see him. Naturally, I thought I'd be the "Cant' smile without you" girl. He picks one each concert and I was stoked to sing right along with him if picked. I used to sing in HS--that was my talent in all my BQ pageants. I totally intended to go to Hollywood and be a singer/actress/whatever would get me to Barry. I was up for a scholarship at Juliard too. Then I got married. I know, I know. LMAO

Anyway, I never got that far. I ended up leaving the BM concert EARLY. I know, I cringe when I read that too. However, circumstances were that I went with a neighbor of mine, who ended up being a drunken slut that couldn't keep her libido to her own damn self and I got so pissed off that I had to babysit--I left early. I could hardly enjoy a Weekend in New England whilst she eyed up the guy next to her --who had a girlfriend that shot the daggers of death at me for not controlling my friend. I had the leash ready, I just couldn't lasso her. She could take me, ya know?

I cried my eyes out when I got home for missing near half the concert and then, I made her a cake for her birthday that I spit on. No, I'm kidding...our friendship cooled after that nontheless.

Soooooo--since then, I've been utterly crushed. Barry is firmly in Las Vegas till 2007 and I can't justify that kind of money spent on me to hop a plane and find him Somewhere in the Night.

Fine, just fine. When the kids are gone, if Barry hasn't kicked it--I'm SO there--cup of quarters in hand. Until then...there's EW&F. See Dakota and her shit eatin' grin :)

EW&F has long been high on my list of folks I'd like to see in concert and when my honey called me last night for our nightly drive/chat home, he said "Guess who's at the Smirnoff Center, Bun?"

He knows I dig them, though, I'm sure he didn't know their importance on my life's list of things to do and see. Needless to say, my honey hooked me up and I'm SO excited. Yes, I have the BEST boyfriend like ever. I was forced to type that. LOLLOL. I'm kidding. Oh, and many thanks to a nice lady he knows who helped out with the tickets. I'll write ya a hot sex scene in one of my books to say THANK YOU!

I have every intention of fricken' enjoying the hell out of this concert. I don't care if R gets falling down drunk, slips off with one of the usherettes, has a fatal heart attack--I'm DOING THIS and nothing and no one is going to stop me from living it to the fullest.

Never mind that the words to their songs are virtually incoherant. I mean, I had NO CLUE that the first line to September was--Do you remember, the 21'st night of September until I read their lips on the Today show some twenty years after the song was released. I mean, I would just mumble the words along with the song until we hit the word September, ya know?

Know what? I could give a rats ass too--all I know is I'm going to see EW&F. I can almost die happy now. Oh, and Chicago is with them too. I like them too--they ain't EW&F, but they're good too.

Now, if I could just get the gondola ride in Venice--A Barbara Streisand private concert and swimming with the dolphins on some remote tropical island covered--I'm good to kick it.

Oh, and just one last damn shot at Barry. Just ONE. I soooooo want to sing with him...I'm not afraid of crowds or a microphone. Not even a little. I'd so skip like the twit I am over him, right up to the stage and worship his I write the songs butt. Oy, would that be a dream come true? I'd sob like the big, honkin' girl I am over it too. I sobbed when he came out on stage before things got so crazy I had to leave. He's da MAN.

Cuz...You know I can't smile without you...


DC :)


  • At 6:07 PM, Blogger Jaynie R said…

    Have fun babe.

  • At 10:01 PM, Anonymous Sheryl said…

    Enjoy yourself babe.

    I love EW&F, mind you my aunts' played it enough when I was a kid.



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