Monday, June 27, 2005


Okay, so the guy in Podunk Idaho that runs Yahoo singlehandedly, with his pocket protector firmly in place and his bandaged together bifocals-- really FUCKED UP TODAY!

I dunno if his finger slipped off the red button that said Yahoo group TTABB, but I can tell you this much, he damn well needs a new pocket protector now after all the freaking out we babes did.

So, it goes like this...I'm all hanging around at the comp--did some writing--go to check on my girls and NOTHING. Not an e-mail to be found--my inbox is empty but for three or four personal e-mails.

K--now if you know my girls, you KNOW that nothing and I do mean nothing, not a peep from that group and either beubonic (NO CLUE how to spell that) plague has killed them off in one fell swoop, or SOMETHING is drastically wrong.

I'll take drastically wrong for 100 please, Alex.

Yahoo has literally gone MAD. I got oh, I dunno, maybe 20 e-mails from panicked babes all around the world, wanting to know WTF?

Now, I wanna know WTF--our group has disappeared--gone--KAPUT. Yahoo says it doesn't exist. Not an e-mail for about 8 hours either

Um, dude? what are you thinking? The world has literally gone mad and forgotten to tell me. Soooooooo--I e-mail customer service and I get the obligatory, we are experienceing operating difficulties CRAP they dole out to us because it's FREE.

Well, ya know what they say--NOTHING is for free. Yahoo wrote that--I tell ya--it's in their handbook. I'm convinced, because I can tell you this--the only free thing today was the panic that set into babeville.

I don't know that I knew how much we all relied on each other until we were incommunicado. I do know, that no matter what, there is always someone around to talk to in babe-ville. We've spent a great portion of our lives chatting and when one of us is missing--the cyber search party goes out. Phone numbers are exchanged--pictures are printed to place on milk cartons--the FBI and SWAT team are called in--flyers with stats go out to all of the Yahoo groups asking, "Have u seen this babe?"--in general, we stalk the crap outta ya until ya come back to babe-ville.

but for ALL of us to lose touch at once?

It was earth shattering--mind boggling--BAD--VERY BAD.

Pam was astounded--Jaynie was pissy and demanding (I know, I know, go figure, LMAO)--Michelle was baffled. Any number of us were seriously thinking of doing mass private e-mailings.

And then, lo and behold, the moment I thinkI'm going to have to drive to Idaho and beat the snot out of this guy--we have e-mail--in droves, wave after wave of backed up stuff.

I dunno about Yahoo. They've made so many changes and I honestly think it's just because someone got bored and though, "how can I fuck with millions of people today? Ohhh, look, I'll just change the format of your group so it's so screwed up it'll take week to firgure out what we did and then, maybe I'll toy with your IM. While I'm at it, I'm going to send your Yahoo group into cyber oblivion." I just know that guy in Idaho is cackling maniacally right now.

And it pisses me off.

However, camraderie, love of a good rant and strings of e-mails with some Tom Jones tunes and peace has been restored to babe-ville.

I don't know how we lived 8 hours without each other--even if we're not in contact intentionally for whatever reason, ya kinda know the babes are there, know what I mean?

All I gotta say is--LONG LIVE BABES and sckee-rew Yahell to damnation and back for taking away my girls. LOLLOLLOLLOL

Dakota :)


  • At 12:25 AM, Blogger Jaynie R said…

    Damn straight. I tell ya - we were in need of some serious little pink pills after that one. Of course Michelle has hidden the pills, and we're out of vodka again. The babes have some catching up to do.

    my my myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy delilah

  • At 1:26 AM, Anonymous Sheryl said…

    Umm sorry but I know nuthin'........really!!

    But Jaynie, what are these pink things here? *holding jar* I thought they were lollies, so I ate em.......tasted funny really.

    Oh and the vodka....see Pam, she knows where they are. Yup....catchin' up!

    What's new pussycat? whhoooooaa whhoooaa whooooaa.......tee hee hee


  • At 8:09 AM, Blogger Dakota Cassidy said…

    I mean, serioulsy, Sheryl... Was it you? Don't make me fly the friendly skies to come get my daggone pills back. LMAO

    It's not unusual to be loved by anyone...LMAO



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